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Olivia Fern

Guide Your Way On

Ep 20

In a place above the clouds, Olivia shares her song Guide Your Way On. Nestled in the Lake District Olivia Fern's music harmonises so sweetly with an ethereal tenderness that takes us into a prayer for all of our loved ones.

Rohan Black

Sweet Reggae Music

Ep 18

On a day trip to surf on the North Cornwall Coast we did a spontaneous shoot of Rohan's own song, Sweet Reggae Music. This happy song goes well with those joyfully blissful beach vibes.

Josie Wildgoose

Safely Home

Ep 16

Singing from the depths of her heart and of a profound connection to the Earth, Josie Wildgoose’s songs are inspired by nature and the inner landscape, and her hope is that others receive a moment of peace through hearing her songs. Ripples of healing and love spreading far and wide is her deepest wish.

Jonah Corren


Ep 14

We see Jonah Corren share his song Flinch in a sweet little den made of Hawthorn Trees, ferns and a long narrow cave heading off into the depths of the earth, where it goes nobody knows. Jonah is a poet and musician, his lyrics captivate your senses and fill them with wonder.

Seren Rose

Mother Earth

Ep 12

Seren Rose brings her deep, transcendent magic to the We Are Wild Sessions channel. This song is something very special, you can hear her devotion to Earth and all life in every tone.

Roddy the Wisp

Let a Tear Fall

Ep 19

Roddy's music explore the realms between the ethereal, dream like reality and the very real existence of ourselves in wondrous landscape. In this song, Let a Tear Fall, he explores a story of love, passion and heart break.

Vaishnavi Brassey

Dear Human Race

Ep 17

We join Vaishnavi Brassey amongst the trees with her song Dear Human Race, an epic reminder not to get caught up in the rat race and slow down.

Sarah Curtis

Part Of It All

Ep 15

Sarah shares her song Part Of It All in amongst the bluebells in magical spit in Somerset where the birds sing along as they do when a voice as sweet and ethereal as this takes to their playground.

Chiara Gilmore

Magnolia Tree

Ep 13

Captured in an enchanted forest, Chiara Gilmore shares her stunning song Magnolia Tree. With birds singing in the background and a vast woodland surrounding her, Chiara's voice takes us away into her captivating words and melodies.

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