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As you may know this project is focused on showing wild, beautiful and raw places.

This is an environmentally conscious project so we ask you to bare that in mind when choosing your location, think of things like roads as they can make a massive impact on the sound quality of your recording. However having birds, waves or other nature sounds is a very special addition to any recording.

Until we find funding to sustain this project we ask that musicians contribute towards the creation of this project. We now do this as sliding scale to keep it accessible while also supporting our team.


Starting at £60-£150 per sessions plus expenses (fuel) based on 45p per mile, and if this is more than you can afford please let us know.

There are only four things we ask you to think about, listed below.

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These are the four things we need from you:


We want you to choose where, it can be somewhere special to you or somewhere you've always wanted to be. We only ask that it is wild and raw.


We want to support all musicians, poets and artist so a little bio with your social links will be included in the video description

Your song

You can choose any song you like, we like to encourage you to choose one that reflects nature in one way or another but in the end, it is up to you.

Something to Say

We ask that everyone says something at the end of the session as an ode to nature, the wildlife and the environment. We do have some questions we can ask you as well.

As well as your payment: £60 - £150 + expenses (fuel)


What we'll do:

Master the track

We get every track mastered before releasing them, we want them to be the best possible quality before sending them out to the world


At each session we'll capture some stills to share on social media and on the website. So you get some free promotion and photo's!

Edit your video

We'll edit the video, and once the track is master we'll give you a sneak peak before releasing it. Videos are released every other Wednesday.

On the list

As the project grows we'd like to create a sanctuary for artists to perform and share their music. We'll put you on the list and maybe we can collaborate on an event near you.

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Terms and Conditions

  • When sharing photos taken from your session, please always tag @wearewildsessions

  • The videos are only shared on the We Are Wild Sessions YouTube channel, we will send you promotional material to share on your own social media

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